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Loft conversion Suffolk

Here at CLS we are proud to partner with Complete Loft conversions who we have worked with for over ten years during this time have built up a good relationship with all of the team who are professional and friendly.

They have grown over the years to become the premium loft conversion experts in and around the Ipswich area they carry out full flat dormer conversions, mansard conversions and pitched roof conversions.

Electricians Ipswich LTD carry out all of the electrical work for both Complete Loft Conversions and Cart Lodge Suffolk they carry out all of there electrical work and are fully part P compliant and insured to carry out the work which includes full rewire s or maybe just adding a coupe of circuits for the lighting and socket ring main but we also offer many more services like underfloor heating and changing fuse boards.

CLC one of our main clients are the premium experts if you are looking for a Loft Conversion Suffolk you need look no further with CLC because of their wealth of experience in construction they now carry out many cart lodge builds and garden rooms because after all they are specialist in all thing timber framed.

Electricians Ipswich can also provide power to these cart lodges and garden rooms and can supply and install solar and PV charging stations as people have moved over to electric cars and solar power.

CLC and CLS work together and have a breadth of knowledge regarding both timber framing, cart lodge construction and loft conversions all are composed of the same ingredients with a mixture of methods traditional and new.

As part of our partnership we are now also working with one of the largest suppliers of non agency labour nationaltradesmens.co.uk, who provide quality tradesmen across the UK and tradesman jobs this allows us to source quality tradesmen and women for our work directly through the website.

We enjoy working with complete loft conversions and all of the guys and gals that work there so if you are looking for a new extension or loft conversion look then up.


Nationaltradesmen.co.uk is a new service which aims to join up tradesmen within the industry with contractors builders and large construction companies our online service also allows carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, CSCS card holders, CPCS card holders and everyone else in the construction industry to create a profile to be searched for by potential employers.

The site also allows tradesmen companies and all other users to create a free business listing in our construction listing pages

The site also provides regular construction news which is updated daily with current articles on the construction industry including innovation in construction and some of the latest products available to tradesmen and those working in construction.

Employers can also post construction jobs and search for tradesmen they can do this by filtering tradesmen by specific tradesmen categories and by specific skills related to that category, for instance carpentry has many different types of specialism like shoplifting carpenters or timber framing carpenters so employers can specify the exact skills they require for the job.

Our main aim at Nationaltradesmen.co.uk is to help tradesmen to find local work and help employers fill vacancies with our tradesmen jobs searching service which is among the best in the United Kingdom.

Tradesmen can use the site to post their CV site managers and quantity surveyors can register as there is a professionals section on the site as well as a Tradesman job which is our main user engagement area on the website which every user also has a candidate dashboard to organise and manage their job applications job alerts.

Employers and tradesmen can also message through the site at no cost and set up job alerts so when a job with their particular skills become available an email is sent to their registered email address so they can apply for a new job when they wish.

Tradesmen and employers can also use nationaltradesmen.co.uk forums to discuss their certain trade areas with other users with particular sections relevant to their trade including bricklayers areas, carpenters areas, scaffolders areas, roofers areas, decorators areas and many other sections for users to express their views.

Companies and contractors can also apply to have a free advertising on nationaltradesmen.co.uk as a special offer we are offering a free 300px by 300px advert on out website with one lucky company being able to advertise free for one whole month on our home page which is worth £320 a month please see our website for details of this offer which is running throughout 2021, please use the contact link at the end of this article.

Employers can post their first three jobs for nothing and after that the jobs packages start at just £5 per job which is extremely reasonable as we now have over 20,000 visitors per month through natural search and our social media presence if you wish to connect please use our social media links below.

Despite the growing concern over the economic out look during Covid, construction has carried on remaining a key driver behind jobs and other industries around construction have carried on so 2021 looks to be another good year for construction with high levels of employment and with tradesmen jobs in particular on the rise are a safe haven for those with the skills to carry on through what will be bumpy year for many other industries.

Nationaltradesmen.co.uk has enjoyed year on year growth with many tradesmen and employers signing up, and many advertisers also seeing benefits of advertising with us.

MBMS Ltd a growing shoplifting company and fit out specialist adversities on nationaltradesmen.co.uk and its enquires literally went through the roof with %1000 increase in work leads within the first three months of advertising with Marcus Bealby managing director commenting say that: “Since placing a small advert with nationaltrademen.co.uk we were inundated with calls which we did not expect as initially it was free for the first two weeks, we are still running it nearly a year later and we have never been so busy even with the pandemic at our door”.

With the rise of online learning and many finding work online, nationaltradesmen.co.uk has found a niche in finding local work for tradesmen and women in the construction industry without charging the worker to be registered on the site, we do this by an interesting mix of news and advertising through banners and company listings and charging a small amount for employers, contractors and builders to post jobs on the site if you just want to register as a worker or employer just use this link register here.

If you would like to talk to us about your construction service this could be a new product or innovation and want a paid blog post we can also do this our mailing list has also grown to over fifteen thousand and we have a weekly news bulletin that goes out with over a %90 open rate.

If you need to request a service you can contact us or just simply email us at admin@nationaltradesmen.co.uk thanks for reading.

Gregory Nelson CEO and founder.

Pile foundations for garden rooms

At CLC we build a lot of Garden Rooms and we get a lot of questions about garden room bases and getting the concrete to the bottom of the garden well the good news is you don’t have to worry about that unless you specifically want a concrete base which we do not recommend, we consistently use screw piles for an exceptional standard of quality for every garden room we build. Our attention to detail from planning to completion means your build will go as smoothly as possible.

Our company values high standards and promotes being respectful to the environment this will show in how we operate and build your garden room.

The main area that we are quizzed about is the foundations of a garden room how long will it take ? how will you do it? and does it affect the stability of your garden room.

Here we will explain why we use screw pile foundations and what are the benefits of using them

First things first, what is a screw pile?

Screw piles are giant screw which vary in length depending on your build they are normally around 900mm long they are installed by using a powerful impact driver which winds them into the ground with great force these are essentially the same method as circle piles used in river beads and other places this technique is used on garden rooms to the same effect.c

So How does a screw pile work?

The pile screws are set out in a perfect square by using a sighed laser level they are also screwed into the ground at no more than 900mm these screw piles are wound in tight and then levelled with a laser level so they are all within .3mm of each other so your base is completely level. As the piles go in the exert massive forces due to they’re shape they gain tension on all sides then the timber base can be built upon these screws which can hold 7 newton loads each so they are extremely strong.

What are the benefits of screw pile foundations?

  1. Using Screw piles are extremely green. At CLC we try to most projects in the most efficient and eco-friendly way thats why we use screw piles for our Garden Rooms we absolutely avoid using concrete whenever possible because concrete has extremely bad green credentials and laying a concrete base is hard work, time consuming, and takes a long time. Using screw piles is quicker and have less of an impact on your garden and the wildlife in your garden.
  2. Using Screw piles can get over rough or poor ground.  CLS believe that you like your garden the way it is but want to enhance it wit a fabulous garden room using screw piles you won’t need to pile up tonnes of earth and move it. Its a well known fact that whatever you dig up you will need three times as much space to store it and you dont really want machines and heavy plant in your garden tearing up your lawn do you.
  3. Using Screw piles can save nearby roots and is less damaging. Screw plies can be moved slightly to miss tree roots and areas that may be rocky and we also use slim screw piles to minimise the impact on your precious trees and plants if they are near, CLS believe that you should not compromise on protecting the surrounding vegetation where possible.
  4. Using Screw piles is a flexible approach because. They are easy to install and set up level with a laser level and a powerful impact driver this means we can fit them in limited or tight space areas even where there is no side access that means they can be brought along with all the other materials through your house.
  5. Screw plies can be fitted in all weathers. So using screw piles in eco friendly but there are also other benefits when  eliminating the need for concrete this in turn reduces time and makes us less reliant on dry weather and good conditions as you probably know concrete can crack in to hot or to cold conditions.
  6. Screw piles can be installed by our own team. CLC like to control the build with our own team of employed professionals we find it easier to control the work flow and budget without relying on sub contractors so from conception to completion CLS can complete your garden room quicker the you might think thanks to our  innovative working methods.

If you would like to contact us for more inflation or a quote for your garden room oh and don’t forget we can provide power and water to your home office, gym and garden room. If you want to get in touch please use the contact form

Or you can email or contact us by phone on 07588825660

Larch clad garden room completed

Well its not really the time of year for it but we still managed to get this medium sized garden room built just a little explainer in this blog post and a few images.

Timber frame Garden room

Timber frame Garden room

Here we can see the concrete base  with the sloe plate and timber frame up with the roof cut in.

Cart lodge under construction

Here we can see the cladding start to take shape with the openings for the doors made.

Larch clad garden room

Larch clad garden room

Here we can see the roof being covered in with felt ready to install the tile sheets which hopefully will look like real tiles.

Larch clad garden room

Larch clad garden room

Here we can see the veranda that has been installed and the 4×4 posts holding the overhang of the roof including the tile look sheets realistic aren’t they.

Cart lodges in Ipswich Suffolk

Complete loft conversions has started another side to our existing company CLC, as we kept getting asked to build more garden rooms and cart lodges in and around the Ipswich Suffolk area, we decided to have a dedicated arm just building cart lodges and  car barns.

Our new business is called CLS, short for Cart Lodges Suffolk and will be part of the Combination group of companies, which will specialise in traditional Oak Crucked frames built with traditional tendon joints with Oak pegs mixed with modern building techniques.

CLS will carry out all of the work as a complete service this will include the brick work, carpentry , plumbing, electrics, heating systems, roofing, all in one place.

We will also specialise in garden rooms and outdoor spaces including cedar, larch, composite cladding, hardiplank, accoya, render and any other suitable outside material you wish to use to clad your garden room with.

We are currently offering the following sizes in garden rooms as an off the peg solution these include the following sizes.

  • Widths: 2.4m to 8.4m
  • Depths: 2.4m to 4.5m
  • External Height up to: 2.5m

We can excavate and install your concrete base for your cart lodge or garden room using the following methods.

  • Trench foundation (suitable for cart lodges)
  • Concrete base (suitable for garden rooms and cart lodges)
  • Existing base (suitable for garden rooms)
  • Precast concrete plinths (suitable for garden rooms)
  • Concrete piles (suitable for garden rooms and cart lodges)

We can work off your drawings or we can assist you with drawings most garden rooms will come under permitted development and will not need planning or building control because they are not considered as permanent structures.

Most cart lodges, car barns and granny annexes are carried out under permitted development but because they are over 2.5m high, and are permanent structures you will need to submit plans to your local authority and you will need building control from your local authority as this will be a permanent structure and will need drainage and possibly living areas will need insolation lighting heating and other services all of which can be carried out, by our accredited employees and contractors on behalf of CLS.

We carry out the following types of car barns, cart lodges and granny annexes.

  • One bay cart lodge (With no accommodation)
  • Two bay cart lodge (With no accommodation)
  • Three bay cart lodge (With accommodation)
  • Three bay cart lodge (With accommodation and gym)
  • Garden room home gym
  • Garden room with office

We can build any type of timber framed building or barn using Oak or just timber frame with sheathing OSB these can be to your exact specification or following one of our existing designs.

If you wish to make an inquiry about any of our services or wish to have a site visit regarding your property and the suitability of either a cart lodge or garden room please visit Cart Lodges Suffolk for more information.



Larch cladding at its best

If your going to do a job make it the best you can, because we take pride in our work and pride is the only thing that drives us to do better, this huge property in Suffolk was erected and cladding by CLS this one was special, with state of the art design with is reflected by the contrasting lines with the shadowed black background rally sets the larch cladding against its background of Oak trees, natural cherry trees and overlooking the river stour.

To reach the pinnacle in any job you have to push the limits of the material you are working with be it Oak, larch chestnut or cedar the medium you work with you should really love.



Don’t forget CLS also has our loft conversion arm Complete loft conversions who carry out loft conversions of all types inclining pitched dormers, mansard dormers and flat roof dormers they operate in and around the Ipswich area.

CLC was started in 2005 by Gregory Nelson, Complete Loft Conversions we specialise in making empty loft spaces into usable liveable areas we carry out all types of loft conversion including pitched dormer conversions, flat roof conversions, mansard conversions we also carry out extensions, garage conversions, barn conversions and timber framing, with over 20 years of experience we are the first port of call for advice on loft conversions in and around the Suffolk area.

If you wish for a quote for a loft conversion please contact us at CLC

Cart lodges Suffolk launches new website

We are around to launch our new website and this is our first news post, so I will start with a quick introduction of why CLC is starting a new side to our existing loft conversion company much like how we started building more and more loft conversions we have recently been asked more and more to build garden rooms, car barns, cart lodges and granny anexes.

We also still build loft conversions and timber framed externs but we wanted to showcase some of out other work so we thought why not start a sister company just building cart lodges and garden rooms and why not show all of our new and existing customers the benefits of garden rooms and cart lodges to make the most of the areas around their properties.

We are now taking commissions on all these types of timber framed builds.

  • Cart lodges
  • Car barns
  • Garden rooms
  • Oak framed granny annexes
  • Cedar and larch clad garden rooms

If you wish to receive more information on any of these timber framed buildings contact us here

If you wish to view our portfolio please view it here

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