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Larch clad garden room completed

Well its not really the time of year for it but we still managed to get this medium sized garden room built just a little explainer in this blog post and a few images.

Timber frame Garden room

Timber frame Garden room

Here we can see the concrete base  with the sloe plate and timber frame up with the roof cut in.

Cart lodge under construction

Here we can see the cladding start to take shape with the openings for the doors made.

Larch clad garden room

Larch clad garden room

Here we can see the roof being covered in with felt ready to install the tile sheets which hopefully will look like real tiles.

Larch clad garden room

Larch clad garden room

Here we can see the veranda that has been installed and the 4×4 posts holding the overhang of the roof including the tile look sheets realistic aren’t they.

Larch cladding at its best

If your going to do a job make it the best you can, because we take pride in our work and pride is the only thing that drives us to do better, this huge property in Suffolk was erected and cladding by CLS this one was special, with state of the art design with is reflected by the contrasting lines with the shadowed black background rally sets the larch cladding against its background of Oak trees, natural cherry trees and overlooking the river stour.

To reach the pinnacle in any job you have to push the limits of the material you are working with be it Oak, larch chestnut or cedar the medium you work with you should really love.



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