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Pile foundations for garden rooms

Cart lodge SuffolkGarden roomsPile foundations for garden rooms

Pile foundations for garden rooms

7 December 2020 Posted by Greg Garden rooms ,

At CLC we build a lot of Garden Rooms and we get a lot of questions about garden room bases and getting the concrete to the bottom of the garden well the good news is you don’t have to worry about that unless you specifically want a concrete base which we do not recommend, we consistently use screw piles for an exceptional standard of quality for every garden room we build. Our attention to detail from planning to completion means your build will go as smoothly as possible.

Our company values high standards and promotes being respectful to the environment this will show in how we operate and build your garden room.

The main area that we are quizzed about is the foundations of a garden room how long will it take ? how will you do it? and does it affect the stability of your garden room.

Here we will explain why we use screw pile foundations and what are the benefits of using them

First things first, what is a screw pile?

Screw piles are giant screw which vary in length depending on your build they are normally around 900mm long they are installed by using a powerful impact driver which winds them into the ground with great force these are essentially the same method as circle piles used in river beads and other places this technique is used on garden rooms to the same effect.c

So How does a screw pile work?

The pile screws are set out in a perfect square by using a sighed laser level they are also screwed into the ground at no more than 900mm these screw piles are wound in tight and then levelled with a laser level so they are all within .3mm of each other so your base is completely level. As the piles go in the exert massive forces due to they’re shape they gain tension on all sides then the timber base can be built upon these screws which can hold 7 newton loads each so they are extremely strong.

What are the benefits of screw pile foundations?

  1. Using Screw piles are extremely green. At CLC we try to most projects in the most efficient and eco-friendly way thats why we use screw piles for our Garden Rooms we absolutely avoid using concrete whenever possible because concrete has extremely bad green credentials and laying a concrete base is hard work, time consuming, and takes a long time. Using screw piles is quicker and have less of an impact on your garden and the wildlife in your garden.
  2. Using Screw piles can get over rough or poor ground.  CLS believe that you like your garden the way it is but want to enhance it wit a fabulous garden room using screw piles you won’t need to pile up tonnes of earth and move it. Its a well known fact that whatever you dig up you will need three times as much space to store it and you dont really want machines and heavy plant in your garden tearing up your lawn do you.
  3. Using Screw piles can save nearby roots and is less damaging. Screw plies can be moved slightly to miss tree roots and areas that may be rocky and we also use slim screw piles to minimise the impact on your precious trees and plants if they are near, CLS believe that you should not compromise on protecting the surrounding vegetation where possible.
  4. Using Screw piles is a flexible approach because. They are easy to install and set up level with a laser level and a powerful impact driver this means we can fit them in limited or tight space areas even where there is no side access that means they can be brought along with all the other materials through your house.
  5. Screw plies can be fitted in all weathers. So using screw piles in eco friendly but there are also other benefits when  eliminating the need for concrete this in turn reduces time and makes us less reliant on dry weather and good conditions as you probably know concrete can crack in to hot or to cold conditions.
  6. Screw piles can be installed by our own team. CLC like to control the build with our own team of employed professionals we find it easier to control the work flow and budget without relying on sub contractors so from conception to completion CLS can complete your garden room quicker the you might think thanks to our  innovative working methods.

If you would like to contact us for more inflation or a quote for your garden room oh and don’t forget we can provide power and water to your home office, gym and garden room. If you want to get in touch please use the contact form

Or you can email or contact us by phone on 07588825660

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